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They were this way before they met you, they are this way now, and they will be this way if you’re smart enough to make a run for it. Stop making it all about you because it was never about you in the first place.If you had been at the genuine focal point of his actions and thoughts, you can be damn sure you wouldn’t be at this juncture now.Hard as this is for you to hear, you set yourself up for hurt, not because you took a chance on love and it bit you in the bum, but because if you are habitually engaging with Mr Unavailables and assclowns and you don’t recognise not only how inappropriate their behaviour is and steer clear of them, they will be catering to conscious and subconscious relationship patterns that you are following because they reverberate with your self-esteem, they are familiar, albeit uncomfortable, and they cater to negative beliefs that you hold about yourself, love, and relationships.Remember that emotionally unavailable attracts emotionally unavailable. This is about the self-fulfilling prophecy of ‘inadvertently’ proving your unworthiness in the quest to validate yourself.Let’s be real–rejection sucks, especially if you actually expend brain energy thinking of yourself as a reject (i.e.not ‘good enough’) that’s been rejected (discarded).As I’ve said, for him, this is about rejecting what a relationship represents and these guys are about whims, short-term highs, ego strokes, getting things on their own terms, the chase, and now being needed, wanted, or expected from, more than they are prepared to give.

people start something else and then have to find a “good moment to break bad news”.They’re not ‘rejecting’ you; they’re rejecting having to behave like a half decent guy in a relationship that feels responsible to someone, has to be committed, and loves, trusts, cares, and respects.That’s not someone you want to be giving the time of day never mind any tears of rejection…It can’t be happy clappy amazing days every day – you need to be able to be able to ride the rough with the smooth.There needs to be trust, love, respect, and care, and you need to be able to be yourself.

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